Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Hey long lost bloggers! I would like to first apologize to Brooke. I promised I would be good and keep y'all up to date. I have failed miserably :)

I have GREAT NEWS!! Our engagement pictures are in and I know I am one sided BUT they are awesome! I love love love them! I will have to say on the way over that day Logan was less than thrilled. He did however put on his big boy pants and smiled for the camera. :) I will have to warn you there is a lot of kissing going on.

Logan's comment when we were done to Arden....."I have not got that many kisses from Megan in six years" :) you just got to love him.... i know i do

Click - HTML (right picture at bottom)
A new window will pop up
Click - Proofing (the 6th word under the picture)
Click - "Arden Clients New" (under the check out cart)
Click - portraits
Click - Megan and Logan Engagement
You will then be asked to put in your email address. Just type yours is for them to send you information about our pictures. If there is a sale going on or something like that. You can "unclick" the opt into emails box if you don't want to receive emails from Arden.
Then click - Enter Event!
On the middle right you will see "slide show" that is the easiest way to look at them or you can do it individually by clicking on "Megan and Logan ENG OO" beside Category on the left middle of the page.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Save the Date Magnets

The Save the Date Magnets FINALLY came! I will be sending them out shortly! If you will leave me your address I will definitely send you one. This is what it looks like:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Wedding Colors

Hallelujah! Slowly but surely I am finding what I am looking for. While trying to find bridesmaids dresses I finally figured out what main colors I wanted to use for my wedding. I knew from the beginning that wanted to use BRIGHT colors for my wedding, but trying to figure out what colors the bridesmaids dresses needed to be was a different story. I started off wanting all of them to wear the same color top (white/ivory) and have 6 different colored skirts (2 per maid). But when I went to look at the dress....I didn't like it. Then I started Nope Then maybe pink/green? no just wasn't exactly what I was looking for. (I kinda felt like the goldilocks and the three bears....every choice something just wasn't right) BUT THEN I FOUND IT! All my life blue has been my favorite color. Anyone close to me knows I have always been very fond of blue (bright blue to be exact). I even had my second car repainted blue when given the chance. (and to be honest would do it to mine now, but i will wait :) ) So I got to thinking why not use my favorite color as one of my main colors in my wedding! Also, Tessa gave me the thought that I was getting married on July 4th weekend so why not use blue. So I have! My main colors for the wedding are BLUE and PINK!! I am sooo excitied! I LOVE IT!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Story

Even though you can go on the wedding page to view this I thought I would put it on here here is our story:

How it all began....
Well as most of you know...we have always known each other. His sister, Tessa, and I cheered together in high school. So to me...Logan was always the "little brother."
In the summer of 2004, I came home from college. Kristen (Summerlin) Jordan called and invited me to the lake with her, Brian, and Logan. Logan would say that it was his jet ski that hooked me, but I disagree. ;) I drove up at the school that day to meet them. I had not seen Logan since I graduated two years before. Well lets just say that the "little brother" had grown up. I thought that he was soooo cute! But VERY shy. All he would do is just sit there and smile. But I didn't let it stop me. I just talked the boy's head off.
That whole summer we all stayed and did things together. The Hoggle's residence was our home. (And the first place we kissed.) By the end of the summer, we were "dating." God Bless Him for putting up with me. I had just gotten out of a long relationship and was NOT looking for anything serious. I never believed the saying...."it will happen when you are not expecting it". Well it is true.
We "dated" for eight/nine months and became an "official" couple, the day after his first win that I was a part of, on March 14, 2005. And to that Logan would say is ONLY because I had to make sure he could win. ALSO NOT TRUE! It just sealed it for me. :)
We have been together ever since.

The Engagement:
This year twelve of us decided to go on a cruise together. We drove to Miami, FL and left out on July 3rd and came back July 10th. Little did I know that this trip would forever change my life.
I will first tell you the story in my eyes and then go back and give you the story of what everyone else knew. :) The trip was awesome. First, we went to Cozumel and had a great time. The second stop was at Grand Cayman. When we got off the boat there, it was a little rainy but we didn't let that get us down.
We went on an excursion which was a 4x4 Jeep Adventure. We started off at the Tiki Beach(Seven Mile Beach), and got into our Jeep. We went to what the locals there call Hell, the national park, the barrier reef, the rum cake factory, and finally ended back up at the Seven Mile Beach to eat lunch. (and now the good part)
When we had finished lunch, Tessa "decided" that we needed to take pictures down by the ocean. Because we always do....I didn't think anything of it. So we walked down to the water and we took a few pictures. Tessa said "why don't yall take one holding hands looking out at the ocean." I turned around and Logan would not hold my hand. He kept moving his hand around when I would grab for it. I finally said, "why won't you let me hold your hand." He said, "because I have something in it." For those of you who don't know, Logan likes to collect seashells. So, in my head I thought well just throw the thing down and we will get it in a minute. But before I could get it out of my mouth LOGAN WAS DOWN ON ONE KNEE!!! My jaw hit the floor. (As shown in the pictures) I was soooooo shocked! He said, "will you marry me?" (which was sooo sweet, because he is really shy and I wasn't sure if he would ever even get that out) I handed him the WRONG hand and he had to reach for the correct one. lol It was like the world had stopped for a second or two. It was better than I ever expected. I had always told him two things: I want to be completely shocked and I want pictures. Well, he exceeded all of my expectations. I had absolutely NO clue and I got pictures! YEAH!! We THEN took more pictures. (and I was then able to get the one of us looking out at the ocean) After that he told me to go call everyone.....which I did.
I bet some of you are wondering what I said. Well, I FORGOT! lol I was so floored by what had just occurred that I COMPLETELY forgot to say YES! Logan went snorkeling with Brian while I called everyone. When he returned he said, "Well are you going to say Yes or No?" I said, "what do you mean?" To which he said, "well you never answered me!" lol I OF COURSE said YES!!!

And now as Paul Harvey would say "for the rest of the story":
Because Logan knew I would unpack all of his stuff he had to let Tessa keep the ring. When I booked the trip I put Josh and I in a room and Tessa and Logan in a room. The reason for that was Logan and I had been on a Carnival cruise before and could get a past quest discount. Which in turn gave everyone in the room the discount. So we split up to save the money. When we went to get on the ship that day....I kept telling Tessa to swap suitcases with me so that we would not have to swap them when we get on the boat. She was adamant about keeping her own stuff. So finally, I just said fine. (I knew she was being just a little to protective of her things....but I just thought she was cranky from not getting enough sleep) :) In reality, my ring was in her bag. She was afraid that they might search the bag and I would see the box. lol And as luck would have it....her bag was the ONLY one searched! lol I guess my ring set off the buzzer!

The Date:
Of course, we had already started talking about getting married. We had already decided that we would get married on July 4th weekend of SOME year. Why? you might ask. know how some people plan around football??? :) We had to plan around RACING! Some of our closest friends are our dirt track family. Also, two of the groomsmen race. And we just couldn't let our wedding affect any racers chance to win a championship! lol SO the DATE IS: July 2, 2011!!!

Our Wedding Page

I realized that this blog doesn't reference our wedding page which is :

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Photographer!

Ok, so I know that I said I would keep this up to date and I have already failed :) Someone should have warned a girl about how indepth planning a wedding can be! But I am loving every minute of it!! I have been getting a lot of advice on what to do and not to do regarding the wedding, but there was one bit of advice that kept coming up. And that was....."when it is all said and done, the pictures are the only thing you have left." So with that in mind....Mom, Jody, and I went on July 21st to see Arden Ward. I had saw some of her work in Alabama Weddings and loved it. After about 5 minutes with her, I knew I wanted her to photograph my wedding. She is just awesome. Everything she said was exactly what I wanted out of my wedding. But not to jump the gun....I went to see a couple others. However, no one came close. photographer is
Here are a few pictures of her.....

I am soooo ready for July 2, 2011 to get here!

Monday, July 19, 2010

A new Beginning here I am. Finally! After six years together.... WE ARE ENGAGED! I am so happy to become Mrs. Megan Eva Miller Yates!!! And as Brooke as my inspiration....I am going to keep you updated with my wedding. Any advice? :)