Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Engagement Pictures

Hey long lost bloggers! I would like to first apologize to Brooke. I promised I would be good and keep y'all up to date. I have failed miserably :)

I have GREAT NEWS!! Our engagement pictures are in and I know I am one sided BUT they are awesome! I love love love them! I will have to say on the way over that day Logan was less than thrilled. He did however put on his big boy pants and smiled for the camera. :) I will have to warn you there is a lot of kissing going on.

Logan's comment when we were done to Arden....."I have not got that many kisses from Megan in six years" :) you just got to love him.... i know i do

Click - HTML (right picture at bottom)
A new window will pop up
Click - Proofing (the 6th word under the picture)
Click - "Arden Clients New" (under the check out cart)
Click - portraits
Click - Megan and Logan Engagement
You will then be asked to put in your email address. Just type yours is for them to send you information about our pictures. If there is a sale going on or something like that. You can "unclick" the opt into emails box if you don't want to receive emails from Arden.
Then click - Enter Event!
On the middle right you will see "slide show" that is the easiest way to look at them or you can do it individually by clicking on "Megan and Logan ENG OO" beside Category on the left middle of the page.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!


  1. They are beautiful Megan! I love the feet on the boots! :) So cute!

  2. So glad to see you posting! ;) Your pictures are beautiful!!

  3. LOVE the pictures Megan!!!! They are great! Love to read your post on wedding updates. Did you get my email the other day?